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Date Published: July 26, 2013

Views: 22,590 [As of December 31, 2015]

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Length: 21:49

Link: [1]JvZ 2

Winner: Joseph

Episode: 2

EPotYear: 2

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Game: NBA Jam (2010 video game)

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The episode starts out with the game already on the Xbox360. Joe picks the Lakers, and Zach picks the Clippers. Zach gets the first point, making a 3-pointer, and then a slam dunk. Joe tries several times to get the ball in the hoop and finaly gets one, but contunies to struggle. Halfway through the first quarter, Joe catches up to Zach, 10 - 9 (Zach being first here) and slams with 2 mins remaing, 10 - 11. Zach and then Joe get 2 slam dunks each, making the score 14 - 16, with 1:20 left in the first. No one make another shot for the remainder of the quarter. Joe gets really mad at Artest, saying "I can't wait to kick Artest out, FUCK THIS GAME! C'mon!" Joe gets the first shot of the quarter after 44 seconds. Now Zach begins to struggle, not getting any shots. After Joe dunks it, Zach gets it in twice, 18 - 20. With 30 secs left in the half, Zach ties it up, 24 - 24. With 10 seconds left, Joe gets a 3-pointer, 24 - 27. Joe makes the first shot of the half, making the score 24 - 30. Halway through the third, Zach dunks it, trying to catch back up to Joe, after having an early lead, 30 - 40. After the third, Zach tries to gain 8 points on Joe, to take the lead, 42 - 49. With 3:50 left in the game, Zach makes enough dunks to catch up with 48 - 51. With 2:14 left, with Joe up by 12, Bryant dunks the ball, and gets "On Fire" and makes to score 52 - 66, with 2:14 left, bassicly having Joe clinch the victory for this weeks episode of VS. With 1:40 left, Joe gains his lead to 18, 52 - 70. Joe wins VS. by 20, 58 - 78. This is Joseph's first win of VS.


  • This is the first episode to feature a NBA game.
  • This is the first basketball episode.