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Date Published: December 19, 2015

Views: 22,895 [As of, December 21, 2015]

Likes to Dislikes: 80 to 3

Length: 22:01

Link: JvZ 117

Winner: Joseph

Episode: 117

​EPotYear: 49

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Game: Foosball


Joe picks foosball and says that the VS will be won with 2 games out of 3. The first game starts with Zach getting the first goal, but his only goal of the game, as Joe gets all nine goals to win, all in a row. Joe wins game 1, and the score is 9 - 1. Game 2 Starts with Joe making the first 3 goals. After that, Joe says the versus is now best 3 out of 5. In the middle of game 2, both Zach and Joe get two goals, really close together. Joe then gets confused with his score, and puts himself down to 4, even though he should have 5, making the score, 4 - 2. Zach ties it up, but Joe goes and gets 5 goals in a row, havibg him win the second game. He would of won if he stayed at 5, too. Joe wins game two, only needing to win, once more. The score was 9 - 4. Midway through the third game, Zach ties with Joe, with 3 - 3, and then Zach gets 3 goals in a row. Joe then gets his fourth goal, and right after, Zach gets his seventh and eighth. Joe tries to catch up after he gets his fifth goal, but Zach gets his ninth, giving game three, to Zach, 5 - 9. Joe gets up to 7 before Zach gets 3, but he only gets one more goal, giving the VS to Joseph. Joseph wins Episode 117 of VS, with the final result of 9 - 4 in game four, and 3 - 1 overall.